Where is the oddist place u have been biten?

Answer This is a true story.Out on a date once, I had a chewing gum and my date did not.We decided to share it and pass half of it over in a kiss.Romantic ?Passionate ?Well, when I passed it over to him, ... Read More »

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Where do they place children after they have been abused?

in either a foster home with another family or a home with hired caretakers

Have been in Detroit looking for a place to eat and thought....?

wow, what a nice place, no kids, no violations, we need to fine a place to eat!

How can I tell where my kids have been on the computer after the history has been deleted?

According to, about 75 percent of adolescents use the Internet (mostly ages 12 to 17). The Web contains an incredible amount of educational information and resources, but also ... Read More »

I have been itching for 7 days now and its not just one place it everywhere?

Go see a doctor, it seems pretty serious. I don't know what kind of help you're expecting from Yahoo answers.