What is a waste recycling center?

Answer A waste recycling center is a place where specific materials we use everyday are sorted to be either reused or made into other items instead of being put into a landfill. Recycling centers most co... Read More »

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What Happens at a Recycling Center?

The empty soda cans and old newspapers you place into a recycling bin all end up at a recycling center. Recycling centers are facilities that transform discarded items into raw material that is sui... Read More »

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Which organelles are considered the cell's recycling center?

The lysosome is the organelle that is considered to be the cell's recycling center. Lysosomes serve as the garbage disposal for the cell, where bacteria, worn-out organelles and other ingested mate... Read More »

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The grappling hook in the Croft Manor level of "Tomb Raider: Legend" is inside the wall safe in the glass room at the beginning of the level. The safe can be opened by activating the computer on th... Read More »