Is there only one air national guards training center?

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Where is the Idaho National Guard Readiness Center?

The Joint Forces Headquarters in Idaho is located at 3882 W. Ellsworth Street, Bldg 440, in Boise. The JFHQ-ID supports command and control of all assigned Army and Air National Guard forces.Source... Read More »

What is the immigrant fee bill in the national visa center?

The National Visa Center processes immigrant fee bills for consular-based petitions. Consular petitions involve cases in which applicants conduct their final interviews at a U.S. consulate or embas... Read More »

Is the Kennedy space center a national historic landmark?

yes it is but only one part the Apollo mission control center

National Technical Assistance Center for Community Schools?

In 1992, the nonprofit Children's Aid Society partnered with the New York City Department of Education to create the community school model, based on a developmental triangle that incorporates meas... Read More »