Where is the motherboard located in a computer?

Answer The motherboard is the main circuit board of the computer where all of the other parts of the computer are connected. It is located in the main case affixed to the side panel in most cases. Some st... Read More »

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Where are processing units located in a computer on a motherboard?

The motherboard Central Processing Unit (CPU) socket has many holes or metal contact points, visible if no CPU is installed. If a CPU is installed, it is the largest chip visible when looking at th... Read More »

Where can I find a semi good motherboard for a new building computer for around $100-$150?

Hey, What up O.G. Arab?!I wouldnt be so worried about getting parts from a store right near you.Dont be afraid to order online.I'd try looking at, they have cheap prices, AMAZING custome... Read More »

Where is the RAM located in your computer?

After opening a computer, the most obvious feature is a single, very large circuit-board running the full length of the case. This is the motherboard and all other devices are attached to it in som... Read More »

Where is the modem located in a computer?

An "internal modem" is a card directly connected to a port where you can attach your phone line. It is attached to a slot on the motherboard, located inside the tower casing. An "external modem" is... Read More »