Where is the modem located inside the computer?

Answer The modem is inside the computer case toward the back. The card is normally connected via a PCI slot. There should be several of these in a row on the back end of the motherboard. The modem is easi... Read More »

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Where is the modem located in a computer?

An "internal modem" is a card directly connected to a port where you can attach your phone line. It is attached to a slot on the motherboard, located inside the tower casing. An "external modem" is... Read More »

Where is the modem located on a Dell 4600?

If your Dell Dimension 4600 has a modem, it is a PCI expansion card with ports accessible on the back of the tower. The Dimension 4600 does not include a modem in its base configuration; you may ne... Read More »

Where was the 18 pound cannon located inside the Alamo?

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If I vacuumed inside my desktop computer case, is my computer's motherboard fried?

ESD =Electro Static Discharge can damage a motherboard and all of its components static doesn't seem like much to us as humans but for those tiny components its like lightning so you could have ver... Read More »