Where is the model number on GE refrigerator?

Answer We put it on the sticker inside of the fridge. I'm not sure for other manufacturers who produce for GE.RegardsKGF

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Where is the model number on an Amana 22 energy saver refrigerator?

To locate the model number for any Amana refrigerator, look inside the refrigerator, on the wall. The model number for the Amana 22, (the 22 refers to the size in cubic feet of the unit), is depend... Read More »

How many cubic feet is the Kenmore Refrigerator Model Number 363.68282890?

the 3rd number after the period indicates a 2; so has to be 22 cubic feet.

Can you tell how many cubic feet your refrigerator is by the model number?

No where did you get a crazy idea like that Type the brand and model number in a search engine and your model may show up with the specifications within a page or two. like: Kemore XXXXXXXX Fridge

Where is Gibson refrigerator model tag?

Most likely the model tag is installed somewhere on the back of the unit. Try looking at the top right corner. It should be visible after you have pulled the unit away from the wall. When you find ... Read More »