Where is the male g spot?

Answer It's situated about 4cm from the entrance. Te best and easiest way to find it is to use lube (water-based only!), use your finger to gently rope your inner walls until you come across an especially... Read More »

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What is the purpose of a male g spot?

The male prostate is roughly equivalent to the female G-spot, according to Stimulating the prostate can significantly increase the pleasure brought on by an orgasm.The ProstateThe prost... Read More »

The Female G, U, and A spot, Where are they located?

The G spot is the most commonly sought after spot. It is a few inches within the vaginal canal and is located against the anterior wall (if you're standing in front of your girlfriend, it would be ... Read More »

Where is the blind spot located in the eye?

According to Dr. Ted M. Montgomery, an optometric physician, the blind spot is at the back of the eye where the optic nerve head or optic disc is located. Because there are no photo receptors to re... Read More »

Where in a flower are male gametes located?

The male gametes are located in the pollen of the flower. Hence, the new growth of flowers through the process of pollination.-----------------In general it is located in the stamen region of the f... Read More »