Where is the location of the neritic zone?

Answer According to the University of Arizona, the neritic zone extends from the intertidal zone along the coast to the end of the continental shelf, before the oceanic zone. It extends about 1,500 feet d... Read More »

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Where is the neritic zone?

Marine scientists divide the ocean into different zones based on light, depth and other factors. The neritic zone, which is part of the pelagic zone, encompasses the shallow coastal waters over the... Read More »

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Where is the tropical zone?

The tropical zone, or tropics, includes all land between the Tropic of Cancer at latitude 23.5°N and the Tropic of Capricorn at latitude 23.5°S. The tropical belt contains rain forest, desert, st... Read More »

Where is the intertidal zone?

The intertidal zone contains the area where the ocean meets the land. As the tide comes in and out, the community constantly changes. Very few plants and algae survive in the constantly changing co... Read More »