Where is the life line on the palm?

Answer The life line in palm reading is meant not just to tell someone's life expectancy, but to tell what kind of life someone is going to have in regards to health and vitality. When looking for the lif... Read More »

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Will my palm tree come back to life?

In palmistry, there is the notion of an active hand and a passive hand. Your active hand is your dominant writing hand, leaving your passive hand as the other one. The passive hand is the one read ... Read More »

Sago Palm Life Cycle?

The sago palm's scientific name is cycas revoluta. The "cycas" comes from the actual family of trees that the sago palm comes from: They are cycads, and not palms, as the name would suggest. But be... Read More »

Can you bring a dead indoor palm tree back to life?

Need a clear photo to tell. It depends if there is any life in the heart (top center new growth). Tug on it gently, if it pulls out, it's gone.

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