Where is the largest permaculture garden?

Answer Is it not Crystal Waters Village north of Brisbane, Australia? It takes up 640 acres.

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How to Create a Permaculture Garden?

A permaculture garden is one that is designed to mimic the natural growth and interaction between species so that no fertilizers or pesticides need to be used. Typically relying on native plants an... Read More »

Are plant guilds desirable to use in a permaculture-style garden?

PERMACULTURE ANSWERYes it is a guide line for bio diversity planting Permaculture gardens should be collections of guilds into many as 8 or more plants planted with the same time frame ... Read More »

Permaculture: Local Council spends £30,000 getting rid of 'garden waste' a year. Any suggestions?

1. Change their mowers to line trimmers rather than solid steel blades and they wont have to worry about breaking glass bottles in the grass, it will cost less than the annual £30K for disposal an... Read More »

India's largest garden?