Where is the ignition module on a dodge stratus?

Answer The ignition module, commonly known as the power-train control module, is located under the hood directly behind the driver's headlamp assembly. It is secured with two attaching bolts, and it can b... Read More »

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How to Replace a Dodge RAM Ignition Key Module?

The ignition key module on a Dodge Ram activates the starter motor. This part has no real service life, so when the ignition key module fails, it is often unexpected. You won't be able to start the... Read More »

How to Locate the Electronic Control Unit Ignition Module Computer Brain Box in a 1990 Dodge D150?

The PCM or powertrain control module in your D150 is a small computer that acts as a brain for your truck's electrical system and various mechanical components. Every action that your truck perfor... Read More »

What is an ignition module?

The ignition module is a vital component of any gasoline engine's electrical system. Without these controllers, spark plug ignition could not be timed to engine position, and the car would simply ... Read More »

Where is an ignition module located?

The location of the ignition module will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but generally it is found in the vehicle's distributor. To find the exact location, consult your vehicle's user manual.Source:... Read More »