What kind of telescope is the Hubble Space Telescope?

Answer The Hubble telescope is known as a deep field telescope. A "deep field" in photography means a photograph that captures items at a great distance. Since the Hubble telescope does not have an atmos... Read More »

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How did the hubble telescope get into space?

The Hubble Space Telescope was flown into space aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery, mission STS-31, on April 24, 1990. On the subsequent servicing mission, in December, 1993, flaws in the original ... Read More »

What did the Hubble Space Telescope discover?

The pictures of space that the Hubble Space Telescope provides have helped scientists confirm the existence of black holes, view other galaxies and confirm that the universe is gradually expanding.... Read More »

What is the Hubble Space Telescope used for?

The Hubble Space Telescope, which was launched in 1990 by the space shuttle Discovery, is used to capture images of stars, galaxies and other astronomical objects in the universe. The images taken ... Read More »

Is the Hubble Space Telescope computer-controlled?

The Hubble Space Telescope's activities are controlled by the Flight Operations Team from the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. The telescope's movements are controlled by command... Read More »