Where is the hash key on your keyboard do you have one i dont think i do.?

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Your so vein, you probably think this song is about you dont you, dont you!?

Where can I buy a protective shield for my Lenovo S10 netbook I dont want the keyboard to get sticky icky....?

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You have just stopped taking the pill when you had intercourse you dont think you were ovulating the week after your period now you have period pains 2 wks early but no period bloated and cant stop cr?

Im 14 and your boyfriend wants you to get pregnant so you can have a child im scared to tell him no and you dont think im ready for a child he is 14 too what should you do?

First of all it is illegal in most western countries to have sexual intercourse at 14.It is doubtful any 14 year old is able to support a child, either financially or emotionally.Tell him you are n... Read More »