Where is the hash key on your keyboard do you have one i dont think i do.?

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Poll<I> Which do you like best to eat, " Corn beef hash or Roast beef hash ?

oohh how can you choose lv both .. lol.. last one i made was cornbeef

Split water on my keyboard and some keys dont work?

Leave it off and unplugged for a few days and let it dry out completely.

Where can I buy a protective shield for my Lenovo S10 netbook I dont want the keyboard to get sticky icky....?

i have a book at home that is bound with human skin. i can turn you into a lizard if you don't shut your mouth. oly out

Computer monitor and keyboard question I will choose best answer dont worry?

You can plug an external monitor to your laptop. Look for a socket on the laptop that has 15 (female or male ) pins, this is the external monitor port. Use the correct cable to join the laptop and ... Read More »