Where is the hard drive on a hp pavilion dv2000?

Answer The hard drive bay (where the hard drive is located) can be found in the bottom right portion of the computer. with the computer turned upside down and the hinged edge facing away.Source:HP: Pavili... Read More »

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How to Upgrade the DV2000 Hard Drive?

The HP Pavilion is a reliable laptop computer that competes with other brands such as Apple and Dell. And like any other computer, many of its internal components need to be upgraded over time. Thi... Read More »

Troubleshooting an HP Pavilion DV2000?

As with any computer, you may experience problems while using your HP Pavilion DV2000 that keep you from enjoying its full use. Try troubleshooting any problems you have first, instead of automatic... Read More »

How do i install xp on a vista hp pavilion dv2000?

Back Up Files and FoldersBack up any valuable files and folders to an external media such as a hard drive, CD or DVD, because all the data on the HP Pavilion will be erased during the Windows XP in... Read More »

Where is the power button located on HP Pavilion dv2000?

To access the power button on the HP Pavilion dv2000, first open the laptop. The power button has an ovular shape and appears near the top-left corner of the keyboard, just below the screen.Referen... Read More »