Where is the hard drive located in a laptop?

Answer When a laptop hard drive fails or becomes too small to run applications and save documents, then it is time to replace it. Even people with limited PC knowledge should be able to change this device... Read More »

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Where is the hard drive located on my Dell laptop?

In most Dell laptop computers, the hard drive is located in a compartment within the computer base. In the Dell Inspiron 1546 laptop computer, the hard drive is located within the hard drive assemb... Read More »

Where is the hard drive located on the Gateway MX laptop?

The shape and design of Gateway MX series laptops varies from model to model. The placement of the hard drive is similar throughout. The hard drive will be located behind a rectangular panel on t... Read More »

How do I use the 2 250GB hard drives in my laptop as a single hard drive?

In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, resizing your volumes or re-partitioning your hard drive has become a lot easier than in previous Windows versions. However, there are still a few pitfalls that will... Read More »

My daughters laptop runs slow a lot it has a 60gb hard drive would it run any quicker with a bigger drive?

Like Macbook Pro said, " Your Hard drive does affect your computer speed" something like that, which is correct.Imagine you have important papers randomly scattered all over your desk—in order to... Read More »