Where in the world is the best place for photosynthesis?

Answer There are several requirements for optimum photosynthesis. Both sunlight and water are critical components, as well as temperature. Despite getting more sunlight, mountains and deserts suffer from ... Read More »

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Where is the most common place in the world to vacation?

AnswerI would say for the most part, people enjoy going to beaches, and warm places.So if that's your cup of tea, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Australia, Hawaii, Florida, etc.If you are looking for a ... Read More »

Where is the cheapest place in the world to buy Canon EOS Digital cameras?

Somewhere in China, but they'll be replicas and won't work very well. And no warranty, of course.

Is there any place or website where you can see Oprah Winfrey's various houses around the US and the world?

Why are there mines in the christian place where jesus was baptized this place is now in israel or jordan?

It is in Jordan........and the site is open for Christians pilgrimages.....The previous Pop himself had visited The site on the East bank of the river ,Jordan side, a few years ago......