Where is the hamstring located?

Answer The large group of muscles and tendons that are located in the back of the thigh are referred to as the hamstrings. According to, the hamstrings are formed by three muscles and thei... Read More »

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Where is the hamstring tendon?

Hamstring muscles are located in the thigh and are attached to hamstring tendons in the back of the knee. Hamstring tendons can become torn or sprained from injury. Sharp pain, swelling and tendern... Read More »

Where is the human hamstring?

The hamstring is composed of three muscles: the biceps femoris, the semimembranosis and the semitendinosis. It is located in the back of the thigh, and stretches from the pelvis to the tibia, cross... Read More »

Where did the name hamstring come from?

The word hamstring is comprised of "ham", which originally meant the muscle and fatty portion behind the knee, and "string", which indicates the string-like tendons that are located on either side ... Read More »

Where is L.A. Ink located?

L.A. Ink, which is a TV show on the cable channel TLC, is located in Hollywood, California. The name of the tattoo shop is High Voltage Tattoo. L.A. Ink is a spin-off of another TV show that was on... Read More »