Where is the gold in computer processors?

Answer The gold in computer processors consists of the gold plating on the pins or metal feet that allow them to be attached to the circuit board, or the gold plating on the thermal contact surface. These... Read More »

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Computer processors?

Performance Wise there is no problem, it works fine. Only problem with AMD in India is , it stops working / works erratic with high heat and humidity.

Can you have multiple processors in one computer?

I run ASUS p2b-D and P2B-DS boards, and yes, there are TONS of dual and multi-processor boards! But:1. Celerons are crippled so that you cannot run two or more. EXCEPT for the Celeron 300 which we... Read More »

How to Understand Computer Processors?

Computers serve as the centerpiece for modern communications, entertainment and business. Inside each computer is a piece of hardware affectionately known in the information technology field the "... Read More »

Who makes computer processors?

There are several companies throughout history that have made central processing units (CPUs) for computers, and many still remain today. The most popular processor manufacturers are AMD and Intel.... Read More »