Where is the frozen tundra?

Answer The arctic tundra is an extremely cold and dry biome located around the North Pole, from latitudes 55 degrees to 70 degrees North. Most of the soil of the arctic tundra is permanently frozen; this ... Read More »

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Where is the tundra?

The tundra biome makes up a fifth of the world's surface. Tundra landscape is defined by permanently frozen ground, called permafrost, and very short growing seasons. The Arctic tundra is located a... Read More »

Where is the tundra found?

The tundra is the coldest biome on earth characterized by short growing seasons, simple vegetation and large population fluctuations. There are two types of tundra: arctic and alpine. The arctic tu... Read More »

Where is the tundra located?

There are two kinds of tundra--a cold region located above the tree line. Arctic tundra exists around the Arctic Circle; alpine tundra is found on mountain peaks. Both are noted for their cold nigh... Read More »

Where is the tundra located in Canada?

Arctic tundra can be found in the northern reaches of Canada's provinces and territories, specifically the Yukon, North West and Nunavut territories. Tundra extends southward from the polar regions... Read More »