Where is the front axle in a car?

Answer The front axle on an automobile is located between the front two tires. The front axle is the supporting shaft that the front two wheels revolve around. The back axle is between the back two tires.... Read More »

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How to Change a Front Axle?

There might be multiple reasons for replacing the front drive axle on a vehicle, including damage from debris on the road or replacement of other critical components such as the constant velocity j... Read More »

What Is a Front Axle Boot?

A front axle boot, also known as a constant velocity (CV) boot, is a rubber cover that goes over the drive axle or CV joint on a car. The boot protects the joint and keeps grease used to lubricate ... Read More »

What Happens When a Front Axle Breaks?

Driving any automobile is nothing, if not an exercise in constant blind faith. Just the fact that any soccer mom in the world can take a 50 mph curve without wondering what would happen if a tire b... Read More »

Front Axle Types?

Axles come in two basic types: "live" and "dead." A live axle is so-called because it contains a gearing unit that translates the engine power delivery from longitudinal (bumper-to-bumper orientati... Read More »