Where is the freshwater biome located?

Answer Since the freshwater biome (an ecosystem) consists of all freshwater bodies of surface water, it is located on the portion of the earth's surface not covered by saltwalter oceans. Freshwater is com... Read More »

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How to Protect a Freshwater Biome?

Many environmental threats plague freshwater biomes, from the draining of wetlands for development to the release of industrial waste into surface waters. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, o... Read More »

What is a freshwater biome for kids?

Creating a miniature biome in the classroom is a smart way for kids to study a specific earth environment. A miniature freshwater biome can help kids study soil and water, microorganisms and larger... Read More »

How deep is the freshwater biome?

Freshwater biomes are ecosystems with low salt concentrations. Organisms that thrive in these freshwater environments cannot survive in areas, such as oceans, that have a high concentration of salt... Read More »

How much rainfall is in a freshwater lake biome?

A freshwater lake biome does not have a specific rainfall amount because it can appear in a multitude of other broader biomes. Freshwater lake biomes are described by the movement of the water and ... Read More »