Where is the float that lets water into the dishwasher located?

Answer If it has a metal body you attach a suitable cable to match the ground or earth wire colour in your country ( such as a 6 mm squared cross sectional area ) copper cable with green-yellow ( in the U... Read More »

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What's wrong if you've had a painless lump on the gum for 2 years that lets out bloody pus when you break the bubble and it's located over an area where the molar was removed 25 years ago?

Answer You obviously have an infected mass in your mouth and you're asking strangers online to diagnose what it may be? Aaack! Make an appointment with a dentist immediately! You'll be glad you d... Read More »

Why doesn't dishwasher let water into dishwasher?

What is the opening that lets light into a camera?

Plants That Float on Water?

Water plants add dimension to your pond or water feature. Some floating plants act as fish food, while others actually clean the water in which they lay. They provide a habitat for fish, birds and ... Read More »