Where is the five-star Melia Caribe Tropical Resort located?

Answer The five-star Melia Caribe Tropical Resort is located in the Dominican Republic. It is considered the "Caribbean's most exotic all-inclusive destination." Unlimited breakfast, lunch and snacks are ... Read More »

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Where are tropical deserts located?

Tropical deserts are found in Baja California, central Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, the African Sahara and Namibia deserts, parts of Pakistan and India, and the Alice Springs region of Australia... Read More »

Where is the resort located at Walt Disney World?

There are 18 different resorts located at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. All of the resorts are on the Disney World grounds in Orlando. 17 resorts are open to all Disney guests, and one res... Read More »

Where are the five star pieces in Pokemon ruby?

Star Pieces are rare items that can be sold for high prices at the Pokemon market (just like Nuggets). To obtain one, players use Rock Smash on boulders in the wild or fish in any body to water to ... Read More »

Where is the only 7-star hotel located?

The world's only "seven-star" hotel, at least according to the hotel's marketing staff, is the Burj al Arab Hotel in the Middle Eastern emirate of Dubai. The 54-story, sailboat-shaped hotel is also... Read More »