Where is the ein on a ssa-1099?

Answer Form SSA-1099 is used to report Social Security benefits to recipients. Because Social Security benefits are paid directly to recipients from the Social Security Administration, there is no EIN, or... Read More »

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When does a 1099 need to be sent out?

A 1099 form must be mailed out by an employer by January 31st of each year. If that date is over a weekend or holiday, the company or individual mailing the 1099 usually must mail the form out the ... Read More »

What Is a 1099 For?

The 1099 form is called an informational return. It is used to report earnings and transactions to the IRS that fall outside of the normal wages and salary reporting.FunctionA 1099 form is issued b... Read More »

What is a form 1099-S?

A form 1099-S is used to document the amount you received from a real estate sale for income tax purposes. The form 1099-S form documents the date of sale, sale price, location, whether the seller ... Read More »

Does an LLC receive a 1099?

Any Limited Liability Company (LLC), especially if it is a single member LLC, can receive a 1099 tax form denoting payment for work performed by the company during the previous calendar year. This ... Read More »