What is the ocean freezing point?

Answer Ocean water has a freezing point of 28.4°F, compared to fresh water’s 32°F. According to the Office of Naval Research, "as seawater increases 5 ppt in salinity, the freezing point decreases by ... Read More »

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How far above the Pacific Ocean is the Westin Princeville Ocean Resort in Kauai?

As the name suggests, the Westin Princeville Ocean Resort is located in the town of Princeton, on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The town of Princeton is located 239 feet above the Pacific Ocean.Sou... Read More »

Where are ocean kayaks made?

According to an executive sales representative from Johnson Outdoors, Ocean Kayak brand kayaks are manufactured in the United States in Old Town, Maine. Johnson Outdoors provides a variety of quali... Read More »

Where do shrimp live in the ocean?

Young shrimp move from the brackish waters of tidal creeks and estuaries out into the ocean as they mature, settling on the ocean floor, where they live and feed as adults.Source:South Carolina Dep... Read More »

Where do ocean currents occur?

The wind-driven movement of water at the ocean’s surface is the ocean current. Some currents only affect small areas, while others, like the Gulf Stream or California current, are larger and perm... Read More »