Where is the daycare center in Pokemon Gold?

Answer In Pokemon Gold, the Daycare Centre is located south of Goldenrod City on Route 33. The Daycare Centre allows the player to give both male and female Pokemon to the Keepers at the Daycare Centre. T... Read More »

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Cheats for the Pokemon Daycare in "SoulSilver"?

The Pokemon Daycare in "Pokemon SoulSilver" is on Route 34, close to Goldenrod City. Pokemon left at the daycare will gain one experience point for every step the trainer takes. Pairs of Pokemon le... Read More »

What is a good name for a daycare center?

Rays of SunshineHouse of DiscoveryLittle Tykes Learning CenterTykes and Toddlers Day CareHouse of LearningWee World Learning Center

Help Starting a Daycare Center?

There is a lot involved, as already been mentioned. Since you do it out of your home already, you know where to get to get the licensing rules for center. That is your very first step. See what y... Read More »

I have an interview at a daycare center...?

sometimes the best references are family but for a job neighbors or parents of kids/ previous emplyees that you've had playdates are better. good luck in your search. they wnat to know you are eff... Read More »