Where is the daycare center in Pokemon Gold?

Answer In Pokemon Gold, the Daycare Centre is located south of Goldenrod City on Route 33. The Daycare Centre allows the player to give both male and female Pokemon to the Keepers at the Daycare Centre. T... Read More »

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Where do you get the GS ball on Pokemon Gold?

The GS Ball is not programmed into the Pokemon Gold or Silver game. To attain this mysterious Poké Ball, players must use a Gameshark. Players must get a Teru-sama, which must be held by a Pokémo... Read More »

Cheats for the Pokemon Daycare in "SoulSilver"?

The Pokemon Daycare in "Pokemon SoulSilver" is on Route 34, close to Goldenrod City. Pokemon left at the daycare will gain one experience point for every step the trainer takes. Pairs of Pokemon le... Read More »

How do I choose a daycare center?

Locate Daycare Centers in Your AreaAsk friends or relatives if they know of any daycare centers or have any recommendations. Log onto the Internet, and do a search for daycare centers in your city.... Read More »

Preschool vs. Daycare Center?

This is my opinion of the matter.... Preschool is an actual school for 3 and 4 year olds. Day care centers are basically a home away from home when parents have to work.