Where is the cradle used?

Answer It is a type of bed for a baby or infant. It is used in a nursery usually

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How to Get Rid of Cradle Cap?

Cradle cap is the baby version of dandruff. The method below should help you get rid of cradle cap.

How do you get rid of cradle cap?

The condition is usually self limited and does not require any treatment.

What is cradle cap?

It is a crust yellow scaly patches on head or other parts of the body. My 5 month old has it pretty severe and we have been advised by her doctor to treat it with a shampoo called Capex ( prescript... Read More »

How to Extension Cradle?

A cheer stunt to do after perfecting your elevator cradle. A little higher but pretty much the exact same thing!! There really cool and something simple to add instead of a elevator cradle!!