Where is the coral sea located?

Answer The Coral Sea is located just northeast of Australia. The sea is directly east of the Great Barrier Reef. A number of small islands, named the Coral Sea Islands, exist in the area and are home to m... Read More »

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Where are coral reefs located?

Coral reefs usually form in shallow ocean waters in tropical regions, such as the South Pacific, Caribbean Sea and Indian Ocean. Although not tropical locales, Africa's Red Sea and Australia's Grea... Read More »

What is a fan coral?

"Fan coral," "sea fan" and "gorgonian" are some common names for a type of soft coral branched to resemble a tree or fan. Fan corals have tough, intricately branched, tree-like skeletons covered in... Read More »

How to Get Coral Using Rit Dye?

A delicate shade reminiscent of sun-drenched coral beaches can be made by combining two different colors of Rit dye. Rit dye has been used as a home fabric dye since shortly before WW I, when Charl... Read More »

Where is the Coral Sea?

The Coral Sea is located in the southwest Pacific Ocean. It is surrounded by New Guinea, Australia and Vanuatu. Along the western edge of the sea lies the Great Barrier Read More »