Where is the computer module on a 99 Sable?

Answer The computer, or power train control, module on a 1999 Mercury Sable is located inside the engine compartment. On the Sable's firewall, the PCM is under the wiper motor and has an electrical connec... Read More »

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How to Replace the Airbag Module in a '97 Sable?

There are three components that make up the air bag system on the 1997 Mercury Sable: two sir bag units and a control module. The air bag units are located in the dash board and in the steering whe... Read More »

How much RAM is on one module of computer memory?

A standard single computer memory module can hold anywhere from 4 to 256 megabytes of information. The capacities vary depending on whether the module is a 72-pin or 168-pin module.Source:Ultimate ... Read More »

Where is the computer module on a 2006 Ford F-150?

The computer, or engine control module, on a 2006 Ford F-150 is located under the dashboard. On the F-150's driver side, look far under the steering by the brake pedal to find the ECM.References:"F... Read More »

What Is the Computer Module on a 2001 Ford Explorer?

The computer module in your 2001 Ford Explorer is essential to the operation of the vehicle. Without the computer, you wouldn't be able to drive your Explorer, listen to the radio or tell how fast ... Read More »