Where did the first Thanksgiving observance in America take place?

Answer The first Thanksgiving observance in America took place in Plymouth in the early autumn of 1621. It was held by the 53 surviving pilgrims and their Indian friends to give thanks for a successful ha... Read More »

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How many domestic adoptions take place in America?

Moraly, yes. Leagaly, well, i am not sure. i don't think so, but the boy should help the girl in any way that he can.

Where did the first thanksgiving celebration in america take place?

The exact date of the first Thanksgiving celebration in the United States is sometimes debated, but most historians believe it occurred in 1621. The English colonists who had settled in Plymouth an... Read More »

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Hi there,the amount you have saved for your South America trip will last you almost one year. I recently returned from a 6 months South America trip and spent a little over half of that money.The b... Read More »

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