Where is the Vanderbilt mine in California located What were they mining and how bigg was that tunnel out at Vanderbilt in the New York Mountains in Southern California?

Answer Contagious.

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Where can i buy palty hair dye in southern california?

Try MItsuwa Market in little tokyo, I'm pretty sure I saw some last year...

Where are the Army bases in southern California?

The Army has two training bases in California: Fort Irwin in the southern part of the state, and Presidio of Monterey in central California. There is also the Sierra Army Depot in northern Californ... Read More »

Where does the San Pedro cactus in Southern California grow?

A native plant of the Andes, San Pedro cactus does not grow naturally in southern California. It grows well in hot, humid areas with a lot of rain, and in any part of Southern California as long a... Read More »

Sheep can hear a zipper a mile away; where can I buy a kilt in Southern California?

Might I also suggest a pair of loose fitting boots? Having a place to put their back legs will make things easier.