What is the minimum cost of " indoor skydiving park" ,except the cost of land used by it.?

Answer This is your job. When you start a business you need to do research and determine what the costs are, fixed and not. Depending on where you are hoping to open this up insurance may be a VERY large ... Read More »

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I am having a Wedding Shower in/by St. Louis, MO.. Any suggestions on a neat/reasonable priced place to use?

Here are a couple of places I would recommend:Lynch Street Bistro in Soulard, MOwww.lynchstreetbistro.comNormally a restaurant for dinner, and can be reserved for private parties during lunch. Thi... Read More »

Is there a good drinking place in St. Louis, MO which plays hard rock music ?

Big Daddy's is awesome but its more on the club Scene as far as music. Cicero's books the best in rock bands from around the country, as well as many local favorites...Um Idk really take a walk aro... Read More »

What are some good bars (or any kind of public place)to meet young singles in St. Louis, MO?………

I'm looking for indoor plant for my apartment to freshen the place up a bit. Any Ideas?

YUCCA Plant....very durable nice dark green foliage long trunk.I also have a cat so cover the dirt with River Rocks just in case the kitty feels like digging.MP