Where is the cecum located?

Answer The cecum is considered part of the large intestine. It is connected to the small intestine and is located in the lower abdominal cavity. The cecum's main function is to absorb any fluids or salts ... Read More »

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What Are the Functions of the Cecum?

The cecum is part of the digestive tract. It is the first part of the large intestine that digesting food enters after leaving the small intestine, and is shaped like a sac. Separating the cecum fr... Read More »

What is the color of the cecum supposed to be?

The normal color of the cecum is brown. The cecum, which is where the small intestine ends and the colon begins, is located in the lower right part of the abdomen. The cecum aids in the process of ... Read More »

Mobile Cecum Syndrome?

The cecum is a section of the intestinal tract. It lies at the junction of the small and the large intestines and is the origin of the appendix. Mobile cecum syndrome describes abdominal pain accom... Read More »

What purpose does the cecum serve in humans?

The cecum is the first part of the large intestine, and is attached to the appendix. Its purpose is to absorb excess fluids and lubricate food with mucus to allow it to pass along the remainder of ... Read More »