Where is the catalytic converter located on a car?

Answer The catalytic converter, mandatory on all vehicles since 1976, is located underneath the vehicle. It is mounted directly in front of the exhaust system. It is illegal to operate your vehicle withou... Read More »

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Where is the catalytic converter on a 2007 Toyota Yaris located?

The catalytic converter on a 2007 Yaris is located under the hood. You can find it behind the exhaust flex tube. Most car owners need professional assistance to remove or replace the catalytic conv... Read More »

How to Clear Catalytic Converter Codes Without Replacing Your Catalytic Converter?

With some basic automotive know how, you can permanently clear your catalytic converter error codes without changing your catalytic converter. This 3 dollar fix will save you hundreds of dollars.

What is the difference between a catalytic converter and an OBD catalytic converter?

All catalytic converters function in basically the same way: exhaust gases superheat a substrate containing various elements, which causes subsequent harmful emission to convert to a more inert for... Read More »

Can a car run without a catalytic converter?

Car engines will run without a working catalytic converter in place. You may even notice an increase in performance and efficiency. In most jurisdictions, working catalytic converters are required... Read More »