Where is the carnation's natural habitat?

Answer Cosmopolitan distribution, but dianthus are generally from the eastern Mediterranean region.

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Where is an axolotl's natural habitat?

An axolotl's natural habitat is in water. Unlike other salamanders, it lives permanently in water and is naturally found only in the lake and canals of Xochimilco near Mexico City. The axolotl popu... Read More »

Where is the griffin's natural habitat?

As a mythological creature, many writers like the historian Herodotus have attributed different locations to be griffin habitats. Typically, the fictional griffins have lived in mountain areas wher... Read More »

Where is the kiwi bird's natural habitat?

Kiwis can only be found in the wild in New Zealand. Habitat preference varies among the five kiwi species. Most kiwis can be found in New Zealand's forests, abandoned agricultural areas, scrub and ... Read More »

Where is the natural habitat of the tree fern in Australia?

The tree fern is generally found in cool, moist and shadowy natural habitat on bushland and rainforests of eastern Australia or near streams and waterfalls during hot and humid weathers. The majori... Read More »