Where is the card number on a Visa platinum check card?

Answer A platinum Visa check card has raised numbers on the front of the card. The larger numbers go horizontally near the middle of the card. They are in four sets of four, totaling 16. This is the check... Read More »

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Where is the issue number on a Visa card?

An issue number is found on the back of a Visa credit card. This is the three-digit number found on the signature strip following the last four digits of credit card number or the complete 16-digit... Read More »

Where is a credit card number on a Visa?

The 16-digit credit card number on Visas, like all credit cards, is found on the front, according to The first six digits identify who issued your card, the next 9 are for your acc... Read More »

Where is a verification number on a Visa card?

The verification number on a Visa card is located on the back of the card in the signature panel. It is a three-digit number that helps a business ensure the person placing an order actually has po... Read More »

Where is the Visa gift card security number?

On a Visa brand gift card, you can find the security number or code on the reverse of the card. The code has three digits and appears on the far right of the signature panel on Visa brand gift card... Read More »