Where is the card number on a Visa platinum check card?

Answer A platinum Visa check card has raised numbers on the front of the card. The larger numbers go horizontally near the middle of the card. They are in four sets of four, totaling 16. This is the check... Read More »

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How do i check my visa card balance?

Have your Visa card handy. Call customer service from your home phone using the number printed on the back of your card. Enter the 16-digit Visa card (account) number when prompted by the automatic... Read More »

How do I activate a Visa check card?

Find the activation sticker affixed to your new Visa check or debit card. Dial the toll-free activation number provided for you.Often you must call from the phone whose number is on the account, us... Read More »

Does it cost to use a visa check card?

It does not cost the holder of a Visa Check Card any money to use the card. It works the same way as cash or checks. When the transaction is complete, the money is taken directly out of the cardhol... Read More »

What is a Visa check card authorization?

A Visa check card, also known as a Visa debit card, is a bank-authorized card linked to a checking account. It serves as an alternative to check writing and offers versatility in payment options.Fe... Read More »