Where is the bios settings located in my computer for windows vista?

Answer To find general information about your computer's BIOS settings on Vista, open "System Information". Find it by opening the "Start" menu, then selecting "All Programs", then "Accessories" , then "S... Read More »

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How to Change Computer BIOS Settings?

From time to time, we must make modifications to our computers that require going into the BIOS of the machine. Although each computer is different, most use standard ways of getting in, changing v... Read More »

Where is the bios chip located on a Dell 4100 laptop?

The Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) chip of the Dell Inspiron 4100 notebook is on the motherboard. A read-only memory chip (ROM) stores the BIOS, which contains the necessary firmware for the comp... Read More »

Where is the record of the bios in a computer?

The BIOS information on a personal computer can be accessed in a number of different ways. One is to press the F8 key repeatedly while booting up. Another is to access the System Tools menu while... Read More »

How to Get BIOS Settings in the eMachine Desktop?

All eMachine desktop computers allow you to access the BIOS settings in exactly the same way. No matter what model number of eMachine you have or when it was purchased, you will press a very specif... Read More »