Where is the BBC HD advert of the waterfall filmed?

Answer Angel Falls in Venezuela, in the Amazon region. It's the highest waterfall on Earth.

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What's the difference between the waterfall process model and the optimized waterfall process model?

they are the ways through which a software project is developed...requirements ---> design ---> implementation ----> testing -----> maintenance..-it s called the "sequential model"-it s the very... Read More »

Where is the biggest loser gym?

Where is the biggest buffet in las vegas?

Biggest and longest, Rio was on the Food Network or one of the shows. IT is very good. You may enjoy it there

Where to watch the biggest loser 7?

You can watch the 7th season of The Biggest Loser on NBC. It airs on your local nbc affiliate, but the channel depends on where you live. It airs at 8/7central.