Where is the best spot to keep potted succulents?

Answer A south window is good for them and they can get more sun.Or too much water can make the leaves turn. The soil needs to dry in between watering and the pot needs to drain good and they should not ... Read More »

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How to Rejuvenate Potted Succulents Quickly?

If your potted succulents are looking a bit tired and unhappy but you're lacking the time to re pot them straight away, try this quick fix to perk them up for a while longer until you can find the ... Read More »

My father age 64, brown,white spot in hand,and foot,what i do,nd how to remove spot?

You don't. They are probably age spots caused by pigmentation in the skin. Have a doctor look at them soon - some of these spots can be cancerous or precancerous.

I have black spot caused due to semen burn. is there any solution to remove the spot?

visit this site . They have good stuff that can help you and it works fast.

Are you pregnant if you feel pain in one spot and pressure in one spot in your stomach?

Answer This doesnt sound like a pregnancy symptom. It may be a pulled muscle in your tummy. If you expeirence anymore symptoms then have a blood test.