Where is the best restaurant or park with a sunset view in the Saint Louis area?

Answer At the top of the Millennium Hotel, there's a restaurant called Top of the Riverfront. The floor revolves so you can get a view of the entire city and the river. My boyfriend took me there for my... Read More »

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Saint Louis MO area ... Where can I get the new lays chips?

You might have to drive up to Chicago for them.

Does anyone know of any Phlebotomy jobs hiring in the Saint Louis area with no work experience preferred?

Here are quite a few listings for you.…

Where is Saint Louis?

It's in Missouri, on the Mississippi River. It was, for a long time, the westernmost city in the US, so they call themselves 'the gateway to the West'.

When an where is sponge Bob coming to saint Louis?

Well she had a crayola crayon named after her, if you count that as a success.