Where is the best place to register a domign name with paypal?

Answer With your Paypal account you can get a PayPal debit card (Mastercard) that can be used just as you would a normal credit card execpt the funds will come out of your PayPal account

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How do I register for PayPal in Malaysia?

Select MalaysiaOpen your Web browser and go to the PayPal sign up page for Malaysia. You can find a link to this Web page in the Resources section. Select "Malaysia" from the drop-down list of coun... Read More »

I want to register a domain to place information about my services on the web. It is necess to buy hosting etc?

For free hosting, I would suggest ATSPACE.COM. You can create a website for FREE up to 50MBs in size. I have two websites through them and the uptime is great. NO ADS, NO BANNERS. You'll need an ft... Read More »

Can a Paypal recipient see my real name on my Paypal account?

When you send someone money via Paypal, or they send you money via Paypal, your first name and the first initial of your last name (or the initial of your middle name if you included that) will be ... Read More »

Is paypal safe I don't have a credit card to purchase online, i heard of is safe to use?

I've used Pay Pal for years and never had a problem with it. Pay Pal can even help you get your money back in case of a transaction with a fraudulent seller.