Where is the best place to play baseball?

Answer On One Hand: The Best Place Is OutdoorsThe best place to play baseball is outdoors, or more specifically on a baseball field. Baseball is a sport where you need a lot of space and are away from win... Read More »

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Where is the best place to place your speakers in a room?

depends how many speakers you have.... the size of your room and what u want to play through it....if u got 2 put them in front of where you sit about 50 Cm from the wall to prevent boomif u have a... Read More »

Where did John Smoltz play baseball?

John Smoltz played major league baseball for 21 seasons, the first 20 years all being with the Atlanta Braves. Smoltz played for both the Boston Red Sox and the Saint Louis Cardinals in 2009. He ... Read More »

Where does John Smoltz play baseball?

John Smoltz retired from professional baseball in 2009. He was pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals at that time, although he began his career in Atlanta as a pitcher for the Braves.References:CBS... Read More »

Where did the woman's baseball league play its first game?

The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League began play May 30, 1943, with games in Racine, Wisconsin, and Rockford, Illinois. The league’s first season included four teams: the Racine Bel... Read More »