Where is the best place to play baseball?

Answer On One Hand: The Best Place Is OutdoorsThe best place to play baseball is outdoors, or more specifically on a baseball field. Baseball is a sport where you need a lot of space and are away from win... Read More »

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Baseball gloves are leather -- can vegans play baseball?

You won't get a decent answer. Can these fruitcakes be sports fans at all?! They cannot by their own holier than thou mindset be fans of football, soccer, baseball, basketball, etc. If it's not t... Read More »

How do I play baseball darts on a baseball dartboard?

IntroductionThe goal of baseball darts is to score the most amount of runs. There are nine innings, like in a typical game of baseball. The dartboard will have numbers 1 through 9 listed on the lef... Read More »

How to Place the Ball You Hit in Baseball?

Placing the ball when you hit can mean the difference in a game. This can help to give you more hits since you can hit the ball where there are no fielders.

What year did the first baseball World Series take place?

The first Major League Baseball World Series was held in 1903. The Boston Pilgrims defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates five games to three in the best-of-nine series. Pittsburgh's Jimmy Sebring hit the... Read More »