Where is the best place to mount a radar detector?

Answer On One Hand: On the DashboardYou can mount your radar detector on the dashboard with velcro with a sticky back. When it is on the dashboard it is easy to read without taking your eyes off the road.... Read More »

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Which model of Radar Detector would be best for me?

Don't spend your money on cheap radar detectors!you should save a little more an invest in a escort 8500 x50 ($340) you won't be dispointed it has saved my butt soo many times

How to Buy a Radar Detector?

Are you the type of person who likes to avoid trouble at all costs? If you are, and you also happen to be the type of person who drives with a lead foot, then a radar detector would be the perfect ... Read More »

Who invented the radar detector?

Dale Smith was the inventor of the radar detector. The name of this device was the "Fuzzbuster." The popularity of the Fuzzbuster was so immense that it's name become synonymous with all radar dete... Read More »

What is a POP radar detector?

A POP radar detector, or pulse radar, is a police radar gun set to a special mode that produces a very short pulse of radar. "POP" is a technology developed by MPH Industries. It is used by police ... Read More »