Where is the best place to mount a radar detector?

Answer On One Hand: On the DashboardYou can mount your radar detector on the dashboard with velcro with a sticky back. When it is on the dashboard it is easy to read without taking your eyes off the road.... Read More »

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What is a POP radar detector?

A POP radar detector, or pulse radar, is a police radar gun set to a special mode that produces a very short pulse of radar. "POP" is a technology developed by MPH Industries. It is used by police ... Read More »

What is a radar detector?

A radar detector is a device that identifies the radar signals police use to measure the speed of cars. When it detects such signals, it beeps or issues some other alarm, so that a speeding driver ... Read More »

How to Buy a Radar Detector?

Are you the type of person who likes to avoid trouble at all costs? If you are, and you also happen to be the type of person who drives with a lead foot, then a radar detector would be the perfect ... Read More »

Who is the inventor of the radar detector?

The first radar detector was created in the early 1970s by Dale Smith of Dayton, Ohio. Dubbed the Fuzzbuster, Smith's invention helped motorists avoid police detection after speed limits were reduc... Read More »