If you are 17 and pregnant can your mom place charges on your over 21 boyfriend or am you considered an adult I live on my own and live in Ky.?

Answer Answer Yes, the mom can file charges and have the boyfriend arrested. He could be charged with rape of a minor, and have the title 'sex offender' on his head the rest of this life. You are 17 - yo... Read More »

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I'm 17 years old and live in an abusive house with my dad in California but want to live with my aunt even though my dad doesnt want me to what should I do?

Answer Talk to your dad about it.Try and make him understand why you want move out.If that doesn't work pray and contact your aunt and let her come over and talk to him..

I live in california is the pizza better in NY or California?

New York. I lived in California for a year. They put bean sprouts and pineapple on pizza - ewww.

Where in California is the place for me?

I'd say either West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, or Santa monica. West Hollywood is notorious for its gay community, like seriously about half of the dudes there are gay so wont get discriminated agai... Read More »

Where is this from Name of place Is it in California?

I can't see anything in that little tiny photo. Put up a bigger photo.