Duck Hunting in Arkansas?

Answer From all across the United States, hunters of flying feathers are drawn to the exceptional waterfowl hunting opportunities Arkansas affords. A vital part of the Mississippi Flyway, the Arkansas del... Read More »

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Duck Hunting & Baiting in Arkansas?

The state of Arkansas has a rich duck-hunting tradition that has been passed from generation to generation. Before you pack up your hunting gear and head to the Natural State, there are many things... Read More »

Duck Hunting in Morrilton, Arkansas?

Morrilton in north-central Arkansas' Conway County, is in the Arkansas River Valley, where residents enjoy duck hunting is enjoyed within the county's free-hunting wildlife management area.

Would you like to vote for Donald Duck as the sexiest duck alive?

As I stated before on various other occasions I would rather prefer to vote for his alter ego Paperinik (aka Phantomias, Duck Avenger, Superduck, PK, Superdonald or Phantom Duck). His outfit is so ... Read More »

What breed of duck is Daffy Duck?

The Warner Bros. cartoon character Daffy Duck is based off of a Mallard duck. This can be seen by the coloration of Daffy's feathers in relation to certain types of Mallards, along with the distinc... Read More »