Where is the best and safest place to stay in Virginia Beach with children?

Answer the farther you keep them away from us , the safer we'll be, thank you

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Is virginia beach, VA a good place to live in?

Tourest flock to virginia beach.The water front,we virginians call it the strip,has variety of attractions hotels,restaurants,novelty stores.And for those that like to party a lot of bars,clubs.The... Read More »

Length of time children can stay home alone in the state of Virginia?

Children worked in factories for many reasons they were mostly little girls. When they moved into the city they would have to work to get more money so they could survive. Girls worked for about tw... Read More »

Ocean Front Hotels in Virginia Beach, Virginia?

Choose from among several oceanfront hotels in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Oceanfront hotels offer guests beautiful ocean views and beach access. Guests can enjoy a wide range of amenities, including... Read More »

How to Find Tutors in Virginia Beach, Virginia?

Struggling with a class? Need to find a tutor to help you improve those grades? Not too worry. Finding a tutor is relatively simple and straightforward. For those students living in Virginia Beach,... Read More »