What is the Name of fountain for song three coins in the fountain?

Answer Answer It is the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy.

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Where is the trevi fountain located?

The Trevi Fountain is in the center of Rome. Completed in the 16th century, the fountain is the most famous one in Rome, and was originally constructed to provide water for the people of Rome.Sourc... Read More »

Where can you place a bird bath fountain?

A bird bath fountain should be placed within reach of a hose for easy cleaning and near a tree or tall shrubbery so the birds have a safe place to escape threats. It also should be in a place where... Read More »

Where is the fountain from the tv show friends?

It is set in a studio in LA so if you go to new york on a ride round central Park n they tell you thart you go to see the fountain there not telling you the truth

Where are Mont Blanc fountain pens made?

Mont Blanc fountain pens are made in Hamburg, Germany. This can be identified on a Mont Blanc pen with the words "Made In Germany" located under the clip. The Meisterstück (fountain pen) is the co... Read More »