Where is the battery located in a computer?

Answer A computer may have two different types of batteries: a main battery (laptops) and a complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) battery (laptops and desktops). The main battery for a laptop is ... Read More »

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Where is an APC battery backup located on a computer?

APC battery backup units, also referred to as Uninterruptible Power Supplies, are usually located between the electric outlet in the wall and the computer. The wall power charges the UPS which pro... Read More »

Where is the battery located on a BMW X5?

The battery on the BMW X5 is located in the rear, on the top left side of the spare tire. BMW was one of the first automotive companies to position batteries to the trunk or rear of the vehicle in ... Read More »

Where is the battery located on a Roadtrek 190?

The Roadtrek 190's battery is located under the hood of the motorhome. Its auxiliary battery, however, is positioned behind the passenger access door, behind the rear wheel. The battery's acid leve... Read More »

Where is the laptop battery located?

Shut the lid to your laptop if it is open. Turn the laptop over so you are looking at the bottom of it. Locate the clip or slide that releases the battery from the bottom of the laptop. A laptop ba... Read More »