Where is the bank number on a personal check?

Answer The bank number, or routing number, is the first nine digits on the bottom left-hand side of a check. Each banking institution has its own number that will always start with a 0, 1, 2 or 3. The ban... Read More »

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What is the definition of a personal bank check?

A personal bank check is a written, formal promissory note payable to the payee on demand; drawn from the depositor's bank account. Certified checks and cashiers' checks are drawn against bank fund... Read More »

Can I cash a personal check at any bank?

When I was a teller you could not. I think the answer is still the same today, although the technology exists to do what you want. Basically, you have a track record at a bank and you cash a check ... Read More »

How to Check a Bank Account Number for a Routing Number?

Banking accounts, whether savings or checking, have a designated account number. This number is unique to specific banks and is often accompanied by a transaction or check number as well as a routi... Read More »

Where is my bank account number on a check?

The bank account number is the middle set of digits located on the bottom of a check. The routing number is the set of nine digits on the left and the check number is the set of digits, usually fou... Read More »