Homemade Rubber Band Guns?

Answer Rubber band guns are simple to make and can shoot a rubber band more than 10 feet, depending on the elasticity of the band. They work better than using just your fingers and can be made in less tha... Read More »

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How to Reenact the Civil War With Rubber Band Guns?

So you're a big history buff and want to feel like you're back in the days of the Union and Confederacy, but don't have the necessary ammunition or guns. No worries; you can still reenact the whole... Read More »

Are pellets guns& BB guns illegal in Texas?

Pellet guns and BB guns are legal in Texas. According to the National Rifle Association, both handguns and longguns can be purchased in Texas with no waiting period and without a license or permit ... Read More »

What band was Neal Schon a member of prior to joining the band Journey?

According to Neal Schon's official website, he became a member of the Santana Band when he was 15 years old. He went on to become one of the founding members of Journey, originally known as The Gol... Read More »

Is (insert extremely popular rock band) the WORST BAND EVER?

Lol, I really agree with you.Can I choose a singer? Well, i'm going to..Lady Gaga. She is extremely talented and her music is so much fresher than most of the stuff that is in the charts, she is al... Read More »